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Streetwear Factory – Portugal is the hub for high end jersey!

Portugal’s streetwear scene is known for its bold and creative designs that reflect the country’s vibrant culture and fashion scene. Portuguese streetwear brands are constantly pushing the boundaries with innovative designs, bold graphics, and unique color palettes. From streetwear staples like hoodies, t-shirts, and sneakers to more daring pieces like oversized jackets and printed pants, the streetwear trends in Portugal are a reflection of the country’s creativity and unique sense of style.

Firstly, Sustainable can be a tricky word this days. We are very used to se it  slapped into all sorts of products and concepts. Streetwear factory portugal Now, Let’s not mistake ourselves: no supply chain can be totally circular and sustainable and enjoy carbon free emissions. Fully circular product developments, and only use organic or recycled materials.  

Certifications are Paramount at ASBX

At least not yet. Streetwear factory portugal Thats why we at ASBX have a drastic approach and make supply chain transparency and accountability our top priorities. Step by step, we all walk towards a brighter future, where our sustainable dreams can be achieve.  

We have put great effort into selecting only fabrics and materials Streetwear factory portugal which are approved by the most prestigious certifications. ASBX keeps a strict policy for more transparency in our products. 

Secondly, we know that we have to always keep ourselves accountable and keep investing in our industrial network. We are very strict with our policies. That is why have established partnerships only with the best  suppliers to create even more innovative ways of production. Why we are creating new projects and partnerships for our recyclable products. Why we have grown our Streetwear factory portugal company around sustainable practices.  With this in mind we were able to create a sustainable factory that produces small moqs with great variety and ensures our costumers build  the most sustainable brands in Europe.